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Yangshuo Culture House - (Yangshuo)

Yangshuo Culture House - Yangshuo, China

We arrived in Yangshuo from Guilin on a Chinese River Boat. It was more expensive than taking a bus and a little longer, but the ride included an excellent meal and introduction to the karst landscapes from Guilin to Yangshuo.

When planning my 37-day trip to China I knew one of the places I had to see was Yangshuo. If you watched Survivor China than you would be familiar with the landscape of Yangshuo. We arrived in Yangshuo in the afternoon on July 2nd and left on the night of July 5th of 2008.

Yangshuo is located in the southern portion of China on the eastern side of the Guangxi Province. Yangshuo is famous for it's karst landscape, large limestone spires that shoot up out of the ground like large narrow hills. It is also famous for it's light show, Sanjie Lu, on the Li River. Many people also go here to see the comorrant boats and fisherman.

You can also take a bamboo raft or bamboo pontoon boat along the Li River. There is also a water cave, where you enter on a small boat through a narrow passage that requires you to duck your head so it doesn't get taken off by the rock ceiling. You can get really wet and muddy if you choose to. Which alot of people seem to do.

Hiking Moon Hill is another highlight. It can be a tough climb, but if you're in shape and take your time it is well worth the hike because of the panaromic aerial views of the landscape. Be prepared to buy water at the bottom, because if you don't you will want some at the top and it will cost 5x's as much. All of these things make Yangshuo an excellent place to visit on your trip to China.

Once you arrive in Yangshuo you need to stay in the Yangshuo Culture House. It's not located right in the city center, but that area is over crowded and touristy anyway. I think it was better to stay a little bit outside of where the tourists and shops are located so you can get a real sense of the chinese culture and the people of Yangshuo.

The Culture House is run by Mr. Wei and his family. The benefits of staying in this place are endless, but I will list a few of them. Like other hostels in Yangshuo the Culture House is very cheap. Roughly $10+ per night per person. The price is a little bit higher than a few other places, but this price includes an all you can eat breakfast and a more than you can eat dinner.
Anyone that has ever stayed with Mr. Wei and his family will tell you it ranks as probably one of the best, if not the best, meals you will eat in China. It includes 9-12 courses, like most family style meals in China. If the food isn't enough reason to stay here, then the deals that Mr. Wei can get you on local attractions and tickets to your next destination should be. The Water Cave is 160 RMB, but with the discounts through the hostel the price was 60 RMB. The light show is approximately 180 RMB, but you can get tickets for 150 RMB. You can also rent bikes from the hostel for 10 RMB per day.

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