Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Win 2 Free Tickets to Aruba Contest

After my recent success with winning a trip to Abu Dhabi I decided to give it another go.

I am currently vying for a chance to win a free trip to Aruba. The trip includes the following:

1st Prize Vacation for two to Aruba, (Value of USD $5,500) including:


Credit of value of up to $1,000 sponsored by Carib Media Marketing Consultancy & Development N.V.

·       6 night stay at Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino
·       1 week car rental offered by Budget Rent a Car

Dinners at:

·       Simply Fish
·       Las Ramblas
·       El Gaucho
·       Matthews Beach Side Restaurant
·       Papillon
·       The Blue Lobster


·       De Palm Island Sightseeing Tour
·       Sail & Snorkel Cruise offered by Pelican Adventures
·       Horseback Riding tour from Rancho la Ponderosa
·       Kayak tour offered by Aruba Kayak

There are also prizes for 2nd and 3rd place. As of right now the contest has been going on since August 15th and only has 5 entries. I think my odds of winning are excellent.

In order to participate I had to enter a video about what I would do to get to Aruba. I used videos I created from my travels around the world explaining that I would bike, hike, paddle, or fly. My theme was that I would do "Whatever It Takes!"

To win I need votes, likes, comments, shares, tweets, and pins on my youtube page and the official Facebook page. Details for how to vote are below and what I need to win.

The contest ends October 15, 2012 and I will be notified that I won on or about October 17.

If you would be willing to vote for me please do so. Below is the youtube video I created.

You can like, share, pin, tweet, and comment. Each will count as a vote. Below is the Youtube page you can view the video at.

On the Facebook page you can select my video. It's by William Gray. You can vote, like, share, comment, pin, and tweet. They all count as a vote.

Facebook Link - Aruba Video Contest "Whatever It Takes"

If you have pinterest and would like to pin, repin, like, or comment please do so at this link.
Please click all the links you are able to. Everything counts as a vote. it's very easy and very fast! I have always returned votes quickly. Thanks!

The winner will be based on tallies of all the votes, tweets, pins, likes, and comments on the various pages.

You are able to help on all the pages, but only vote once. Doing both is awesome! Be awesome!

Travel Contests

I recently learned about signing up for contests online. I always like winning free stuff so I figured I should give it a shot.

Usually I would just send in my email and other personal information and hope my name was drawn. It usually wasn't. I just wasn't having any luck I guess.

My main focus was on free tickets, a GoPro, or other really popular items. As such, my chances of winning were slim.

Usually I just used Facebook to sign up from posts that companies I have "Liked."

I was just about to give up on these contests, but took a chance. The contest I signed up for on Gore-Tex. The prize was an Outdoor Research Jacket worth $450. I was just about to go to New Zealand in the winter time and this was going to perfect.

I didn't really know my chances, but I had to try.

About 2 months later, early May, I received an email saying that I was the winner of a random drawing from Gore-Tex. I had no clue what they were talking about. The email stated that the original winner failed to notify the contest committee in the necessary time so they had to redraw.

I was the winner! How exciting for me! I still didn't know what I had won so I looked at the description in the email and had to look it up online. The jacket looked really nice. I was really excited because I was considering getting a new jacket before the trip and now I wasn't going to have to. Awesome!

I responded immediately with my address and other necessary information and waited for my prize.

The company ended up ordering the jacket from a company called MooseJaw based out of Canada. It arrived just a few days later.

It was really cool. Since that time I have been trying really hard to win more contests. I will be compiling a list of my winnings so far and eventually share my secrets with others.

Stay tuned to see my list grow.

Vayama-Etihad Airways "Abu Dhabi Trip Winner"

I want to thank everyone that took the time to vote and comment on my photo for the Abu Dhabi trip. I don't know how many votes I got, it never showed, but I had 108 comments. The closest competitor had 18.

Thank you very much!

Below is the winning photo! It was taken during a sunset near Tongariro National Park, New Zealand. It is on the North Island in the central portion about an hour and a half south of Taupo.

I learned about the contest through Facebook and I strongly recommend others that like winning free things sign up for them. People do actually win!

I have to use the two free airline tickets by October 31, 2013. I am going to be flying to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in November of 2012. My hope is to be able to by a ticket for a two week trip. During that time I will be visiting Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Dubai.

The plane tickets are about $400 in order to include the other 3 countries, however, to fly there myself would be about $2,500. I think it will be worth the small investment.

The trip I won only includes the two free tickets, so all other expenses I will have to cover. Based on my knowledge of cheap travel I'm planning to spend about $1,000 total. The accommodations are somewhat expensive in this part of the world.

I would like to go in November due to weather. I went to Dubai in June of 2010 and that was a mistake. It was 110 degrees everyday with 99% humidity. It was unbearable.

I will be posting information about my trip plans and information about each country in the near future.

I wish I had known about these contests sooner. I am now going to be a professional contest winner!