Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Travel Contests

I recently learned about signing up for contests online. I always like winning free stuff so I figured I should give it a shot.

Usually I would just send in my email and other personal information and hope my name was drawn. It usually wasn't. I just wasn't having any luck I guess.

My main focus was on free tickets, a GoPro, or other really popular items. As such, my chances of winning were slim.

Usually I just used Facebook to sign up from posts that companies I have "Liked."

I was just about to give up on these contests, but took a chance. The contest I signed up for on Gore-Tex. The prize was an Outdoor Research Jacket worth $450. I was just about to go to New Zealand in the winter time and this was going to perfect.

I didn't really know my chances, but I had to try.

About 2 months later, early May, I received an email saying that I was the winner of a random drawing from Gore-Tex. I had no clue what they were talking about. The email stated that the original winner failed to notify the contest committee in the necessary time so they had to redraw.

I was the winner! How exciting for me! I still didn't know what I had won so I looked at the description in the email and had to look it up online. The jacket looked really nice. I was really excited because I was considering getting a new jacket before the trip and now I wasn't going to have to. Awesome!

I responded immediately with my address and other necessary information and waited for my prize.

The company ended up ordering the jacket from a company called MooseJaw based out of Canada. It arrived just a few days later.

It was really cool. Since that time I have been trying really hard to win more contests. I will be compiling a list of my winnings so far and eventually share my secrets with others.

Stay tuned to see my list grow.

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