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June 14 - Day 7 - Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

June 14 - Day 7 - Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

As we were arriving in Lauterbrunnen we saw a huge waterfall coming off of the side of the mountain. It looked neat so we decided we would hike over to it. We didn’t really know where it was or how to get there, so we just walked along the road that was going in the right direction.

We walked for about twenty minutes through the town and across the countryside. When we got close we noticed it was behind a church and some other small buildings. Right at the base of the falls was a cemetery. It seemed like a peaceful place. We noticed a sign nearby that said “Staubach Falls.” So by accident we had found what were had originally been looking for. It was a pretty big waterfall. The surrounding countryside was very green. Switzerland as a whole had been very green up to this point, almost to the point that it was fake.

All the grass was perfectly trimmed, but I don’t remember ever seeing people mow. In the U.S. you see people mowing along the highways, trash everywhere, small towns with junk piled up in people’s yards. This wasn’t the case in Switzerland. I know they have huge fines for littering and clutter, but it was ridiculous. I had never seen a place so clean. It reminded me of Canada, but even Canada wasn’t this nice.

After we spent a few minutes taking pictures of Staubach Falls we began our trek back to the train station. There were a number of other waterfalls in the surrounding valley, many of which were coming off the side of the mountain from the snow melt.
We arrived at the train station and were ready to continue our journey on to the capital, Bern.

"Nexte Halte, Bern..."

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