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Coach Gray’s Top 10 Teaching/Coaching Moments

Coach Gray’s Top 10 Teaching/Coaching Moments

I have decided to compile a list of my top teaching and coaching moments. I will keep this related to Alvarado, since that is where I spent most of my teaching career, although I do have a few good ones from Hillsboro as well.

I am going to write 10 only, although I’m sure there are many more I could think of. There may be things that people reading this were better, and some may be. I may just not remember them, or they may not be as memorable to me as they are to you.

I will also say that everyone I taught or coached was memorable in some way. However, some people I became closer with than others. Mostly because I spent more time with them, for example soccer players, or I was just being bothered by people more than others so my focus had to be on them.

This list is in no particular order, but some are much more memorable than others. If you think of others let me know. Maybe in the future I’ll ask you, the readers, to share you own most memorable moments in my class. That would be an interesting list from a different perspective.

10. Being fake stabbed by Broam Hart in class and nobody coming to my defense. The best part was after it happened someone showed me a history text book that had a picture of me being stabbed, with the caption “Die Coach Gray.” Prophetic? I think so.

9. Jumping over a desk in class and Devin Curry laying down next to it. I don’t know how I didn’t land on him and kill him. Oh well, maybe next time.

8. Making the playoffs in soccer. The only girls program to do that in 10 years, and still the only girls program to this day. Playoff City!

7. Hitting a light pole while driving the bus and trying to turn into a fast food place. Thinking the pole was going to fall on the bus or that we’d get stuck and all the crazy girls in the back screaming. Then fleeing the scene and being pulled over 15 minutes later. Luckily I never got a ticket or had to pay any damages. I’m a great driver though, so that was disappointing. But everyone knew about it by the time I got to school the next day.

6. Anything to do with my 5th period class in 2010. It included Stephanie Jarvis, Calli Conger, and Alex Pelsang. So many insane memories from that class. Chasing turkeys, smelly kids, and threatening pregnancies on students. One word describes that class - hilarious!

5. Beating Joshua in a shoot out and Cleburne with two amazing goals. One by Kelsey Petty flying past a girl for a break away and a header by Julia Mendoza off a corner kick with just a few minutes to play. Probably the two best wins I had as a coach.

4. Having multiple soccer players participate at the next level - Jordan Cherry and Kelsey Petty getting scholarships to Division 1 schools.

3. Playing pictionary in class as a review game and then Courtney Bell taking the game to a new level by drawing inappropriate pictures of me spying on girls in the shower. Completely wrong, but extremely funny once I realized what she was doing.

2. My 3rd period class in 2011. I hated the class, but it had some good moments. Brandon Scobee saying “I’m done” every time something didn’t go his way. Devin Curry and Devon Petty saying “Go Cowboys” for no apparent reason. The trial to punish Devin Curry for all the stupid, annoying, idiotic things he did in class.

1. Getting the opportunity to teach, coach, and influence the lives of so many great young people.

I know there are many others I should include, feel free to give your input and I may add, change, or update the info.

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