Saturday, April 21, 2012

Oh, The Places You'll Go

Oh, The Places You'll Go

At the age of 18 after completing my high school graduation I received one of the best books of all time: "Oh, The Places You'll Go." You've all read it and love it. But it's also very inspirational, even if half the words are gibberish nonsense. With Dr. Seuss as my inspiration I decided to set off into the world and see what I could see. Below is a brief list of some of the top places I have been, seen, and done. It will be forever evolving and should be greatly increased. One of these days I'll get around to it.

I have had the opportunity to travel all over the world, 24 countries on 5 continents. I have had literally thousands of awesome memories and great experiences. These are just a few of the more memorable events that have taken place over the course of my 30 years of travel. I know I could and should add dozens more, but this will have to do for now. Eventually these will be the basis of a book I'm sure.

China in general. the best way to describe china is "organized chaos." it's a really interesting culture and country. if you ever get the chance i'd recommend you go. and not on a tour where you only see a few cities, but on your own so you can actually experience the country.

Taking wild taxi and sleeper bus rides in China.

Haggling in China. The huge calculators and writing down numbers on paper. Lots of fun.

Hiking all around the U.S. and Canada's National Parks. Seeing the scenery and wild life that you can't see when you travel in other parts of the world.

Switzerland just because it's so clean and green. probably the best country in the world.

Traveling around the U.S. and Canada and going to pretty much every national park you can think of.

Sleeping in train stations in Italy because they were on strike or we didn't get off when we were supposed to and no more trains were running that late.

Sleeping in the Milan Train Station and my brother almost getting his stuff stolen by some kid.

Yangtze River Cruise in China, awesome experience.

Climbing the Great Wall of China at Mutianyu. It is tough. And taking too long going one way, and literally almost having to run 2 miles to the other end and up the 90 degree angle wall just so we could see it and then get back to the bus before we got left there.

Hiking Lassen Volcano in northern California. One of the toughest hikes i've ever done.

Hiking to the base camp of the Matterhorn in Switzerland. The toughest hike i've ever done.

Hiking Crypt Lake in Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada. The second toughest, and scariest hike i've ever done.

Bella Vista, Arkansas. I go every year, but it's my favorite place to go on vacation. Great golf courses.

Going to the World Cup in 1994 and seeing Brazil play the Netherlands.

Hiking to Machu Picchu.

Visiting Buenos Aires.

Seeing Iguazu Falls.

All of my travel experiences have been great.

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