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Master-Mind Explained - Lesson 1

Master-Mind Explained

"The answers are all around you."

We have all heard this quote before, but how many of us have actually pondered on it's actual meaning. In this lesson we plan to do just that. In order to be successful it will be important to understand what the mind is capable of.

All human words, thoughts, ideas ever conceived, whether spoken or not, are all around us. Like radio waves they travel at very high rates of speed in what is knows as the "ether." To understand the importance of the ether it is relevant to know that the human ear can hear sounds from 32,000 hz to 38,000 hz. Anything below or above this range can not be heard, however, it can be felt, seen, or touched.

However, sometimes these sound waves are unrecognized by the natural senses, at which point a sixth-sense is enabled. This sense is the human mind! Every mind is both a broadcasting and receiving station. With that fact, it is my belief that the mind can unknowingly accumulate knowledge through undetectable sound waves.

Let me explain. Knowledge can be learned in multiple ways. By exposure, expression, and through imagination. It is through this imagination that one has effectively learned through the use of the knowlege floating around in the ether. In other words, you have unknowingly taken other peoples' beleifs, information, experiences and combined them with yours, forming your imaginative thoughts.

Haven't you ever wondered how strange and unusual thoughts have entered your mind with no rhyme or reason? It is because of the ether. This can most be experienced in solitude of thought or while dreaming. It is conceivable that during these times your mind has an enhanced awareness that is able to capture information floating around you.

Unrecognizeable to the ear, touch, sight, taste, but transmitted by the mind. Essentially these aren't your thoughts at all, but the thoughts of millions, or even billions of others, living or dead. Ideas that you have accessed by no will of your own, but by chance. Information that when combined with your own experiences could lead to great discoveries. It is the men and women that have tuned their mind to receiving these ideas that have the most success.

Furthermore, it is entirely possible that you can connect with the minds of others around you. We have all heard the phrases "love at first sight" and "two minds are better than one." That is because your mind transmits information to those around you through the ether. Sometimes these feelings are positive, which leads to a good relationship while other times these feelings can be negative. For no apparent reason someone may dislike another person without really knowing them, but the mind does know them through this simple undetectable act!

Haven't you ever experienced deja-vu or knew something was going to happen before it did? The reason is simple. The thoughts were already released into space, and those that tuned their minds properly were able to receive the information. This is why you have a feeling that you already saw something, knew what was going to happen. It's because the information was already in your mind!

We've all heard the phrase, "it's amazing what the mind is capable of" or "there is more than meets the eye."

Both very true statements, and both substantiate the claims you have just read.

This information will be the basis for the study of telepathy and other advanced forms of communication.

Computer chips may be placed in the brain to enhance our receptors to this vast array of knowledge all around us.

Before you deny these claims, remember that sound already travels at fast enough rates to create radio waves and heat. Both undetectable to the ear, but still created by sound. These ideas, thoughts, and knowledge are going at such high rates of speed none of the five senses can detect them, but the sixth-sense, the depths of the mind, can and do recognize them!

It is only a matter of time before science uncovers a way to conciously receive these messages, at which point our biggest problem will be determining how to accumulate the positive and ignore the negative. How to use the technique for good, not evil. How to keep our minds from being bombarded and overloaded with information. Images from the movie "What Women Want" comes to mind.

As you contemplate the realities of the ether and the idea that information is floating all around us and waiting to be obtained, keep the following thoughts in mind.

"Be careful what you wish for"
"All great minds think alike"
"Two minds are better than one"
"You learn more by listening than by speaking"
And the most profound of all...
"The answers are all around you"
It is clear that this belief has been known for many years, but who will be the one to harness it. This will be the challenge of the next century.

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