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Master-Mind Explained "The Solution" - Lesson 6

Master-Mind Explained "The Solution"

To take yesterday's lesson one step further and understand the importance of the Master-Mind, one must consider the following truth. The human ear can hear sound at a certain point, but sounds higher or lower than that range do still exist. Dogs, bats, sharks, whales, dolphins, are all able to hear sounds or communicate in more advanced ways than humans.

The key for scientists will be to develop a machine that can comprehend sounds at uncomprehendable speeds. If asked what the fastest thing in the universe is, most would answer the speed of light. And they would be wrong! The only thing faster than the speed of light is the human mind! The solution to obtaining a Master-Mind, one that can communicate through telepathy, will be to create a device that can transfer sound waves of enormous speeds to a range in which humans can hear them.

It is known that sound is just vibrations, and these vibrations must be within a specific range for the human ear to understand them. If all words, thoughts, ideas, and all other forms of communication are floating around in the ether, then it must be possible to convert them. Radio waves are one such form of sounds moving very quickly that can be converted, essentially that is what a radio transmitter does. It converts sound from one speed, and slows it down to an understandable range.

The problem currently is that thought travels faster than the speed of light, and are thus moving too fast to be slowed down. It is known that dogs can hear higher pitched sounds than humans. That dolphins communicate at a more advanced ability than humans, some speculate even telepathically. Bats use sonar to navigate. Is it possible that through evolution these species have developed a level of communication more advanced than our own?

How can we equal, or even surpass them? The answer is simple, the solution is not. We would need to develop a transmitter of some kind that can take these fast moving sound waves and make them understandable to the human ear.

Developing this technology will be the task of the scientific community over the course of the next century.

Being able to create this device could open up a whole new world.

To put this in perspective and to understand that thoughts are all around us, consider the following examples.

Many people believe they hear voices, possibly those of ghosts or spirits. Could it be that for a split second they were able to use a portion of their mind that tapped into a higher level of thinking and transferred these very fast moving sound waves into a recognizable level?

Another example, have you ever witnessed an animal, possibly a dog, staring at something and wondering what do they see? Could it be that they don't see anything, they hear something! Could it be that they, or other animals, are able to hear the thoughts passing us by?

One must consider these aspects of thought and sound when discovering the secrets to telepathy.

Remember these simple quotes by Pocahontas:

"Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains."

"The rainstorm and the rivers are my brother."

Could it be that Disney and their interpretation of Pocahontas was telling us something more than we ever thought possible? Maybe the noises we hear, thunder, running water, is actually the sound of voices, voices of our friends, family, past, present. Could we transmit these sounds into a form of media that is understandable to our ears? We can hear them, but do we really listen to them?

Chew on this:

"The wind blowing is the sound of thoughts passing you by."

Are you listening?

Tomorrow's lesson will deal with the importance of forming a Master-Mind group and how to use it effectively.

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