Wednesday, April 25, 2012

June 8 - Day 1 - Dallas to Frankfurt, Germany

June 8 - Day 1 - Dallas to Frankfurt, Germany

The beginning of my first trip overseas started on June 8, 2007. The plan was to fly from DFW International Airport to Philadelphia on U.S. Airways and then onto Zurich, Switzerland. We arrived at the airport to find out that our flight to Philadelphia was delayed, which meant we were going to miss our connection.

We ended up getting our flight to switched to Lufthansa and going to Zurich by way of Frankfurt, Germany. It took about an hour to get our bags switched over to the new flight. We left at 3:30 PM and it was pretty uneventful. I had only flown a few times before this and it’s not my favorite thing to do.
I had only had airplane food once before, and it was just a sandwhich. You can’t really mess up a sandwhich. We ate twice on the Luftansa flight and it wasn’t very good. Every time I eat airplane food it seems good at the time, but once I finish my stomach starts to hurt and I wonder why I ate it.

I barely slept. I can usually sleep anywhere, but the loud engines makes it hard for me to sleep on planes. There were also crying babies, you’re cramped, people constantly walking around. Lufthansa is a good airline, but I’ve been on better since then.

"Nexte Halte, Zurich..."

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