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Master-Mind Explained "Application" - Lesson 5

Master-Mind Explained "Application"

He must have been speaking of the importance of creating a Master-Mind based on harmony, at which point all answers and knowledge will flow into you from those you associate with. The North Star being the guiding light of the night sky, such as the leader, and the other stars being those that comprise the rest of the Master-Mind organization. Together this group will find perfect harmony and reach the success they desire.

Now that you comprehend the Master-Mind let me leave you with these words by Confucious. You should be able to understand his words as if they were spoken directly to you by the teacher himself.

"At fifteen, I set my heart on understanding my place in the Universe.
At thirty, I had laid the foundation of my philosophies. At forty, I found
peace. At fifty, I truly understood the oneness of humanity. At sixty, I
listened and was receptive to the harmony of perpetual change. At
seventy, I did as I pleased and yet all that I did was in peace and harmony
with all people."
Master-Mind Explained "Application"

This week we have been discussing the Master-Mind, namely the belief that thoughts are traveling all around us, the existence of the ether, and the ways in which science can make these voices understandable to the human ear.

Possible solutions would be to develop a transmitter, a computer chip implanted in the brain, or some other unconceived notion at this time. But wait! The solution is much simpler than scientific discovery! For evolution has already passed science by and created what science could not! The human brain has already developed these transmitters to interpret fast moving sound waves. Of course these sounds are subconciously brought into our minds, but we have acquired them.

It is the author of these writings belief that during meditation or a dream-like state the brain acquires this information. The sounds are unrecognizable to the hear, but the brain is able to listen to these sounds and convert them, creating the imagination. Remember, imagination is just the coming together of ones own experiences, knowledge, and beliefs with that of another.

The most successful men and women have been able to do something that others were unable or unwilling to do. Many say that hardwork, education, money, or other tangible components are what make men successful. I say never! It is the mind that makes you successful. It is what you think, not what you know.

You can have all the knowledge in the world, but until you organize that knowledge it is useless.

Take for example someone like Thomas Edison or Henry Ford. Arguably the smartest men of their time, yet neither had more than a few months worth of education. How could this be? How could someone that never went to school, or went very little be able to accomplish so much, especially in the fields of science and discovery? It is a simple answer. They were able to tap into something much more advanced than learning, they used the Master-Mind.

It is important to note that everyone has access to the Master-Mind, but few take advantage of it. Whether by diliberate choice or not realizing what they are capable of. It is through these lessons that you should understand the importance of forming a Master-MInd and have a definite chief aim in life.

We've all heard the quote "it's not what you know, it's who you know." How true this is! Whoever said this knew something that most men never understand. In today's society we encourage more learning, more knowledge, but all the while forget the importance of education.

Education has been misunderstood for years, centuries even. Today if you ask someone what it means to be educated, most would respond to learn, to be smart, to have money, power, or a whole host of other answers. However, that isn't what the word educate means at all. The word educate comes from the word educo, which means "to develop from within."

True knowledge isn't taught, it is acquired through use. In other words, to be taught information but not to put it into practice is insufficient. Unless you apply your knowledge you have gained nothing.
In today's society learning seems to be the objective, not to educate. Which wherein lies the problem.

Instead of focusing on facts and figures, it would be more important to focus on what those facts and figures could be used for.

A common misconception "knowledge equals power." Knowledge in itself isn't power, organizing and classifying information does no man any good. Education is mind development. So how does one develop the mind? Through the application of the Master-Mind.

The Master-Mind is developed through interaction. Whenever two minds come together they naturally form a third mind. This third mind is the sharing of both minds' information, at which point perfect harmony is created.

In this harmony ideas are shared, plans are made. Successful people always create a Master-Mind. It is recommended that 6 or 7 people be part of this group, the more minds acting in harmony the better. It can be difficult to develop this harmonious organization, as not all minds will come together as one. Much like certain elements, when minds are combined they can create great things such as gold and water. But at the same time elements when mixed can create potentially dangerous compounds such as uranium.

When the Mater-Mind has fully developed the benefits will be great, however, once the group has dissolved the Master-Mind will also cease to exist. It is important to note it takes time, patience, leadership, and the belief that you have the ability to overcome obstacles to have a harmonious partnership.

The mind will latch onto ideas and thoughts possessed by those it associates with. It leaves little wonder why certain groups of people tend to dress alike, speak alike, act alike. To prove this theory walk into any lunchroom on a high school campus! These are not mere coincidinces, it is the minds communicating with one another.

It leaves little doubt that assocating with positive, well-organized, educated people with a plan that success will soon follow. At the same time, it leaves little doubt that putting criminals all in the same room will eventually lead to more crime.

As John Locke, the English philosopher said "to change society you must change ones environment." He also rightly believed that men are created with a "tabula rasa," or "blank mind." The mind is blank, and develops the feelings, ideas, and thoughts that it attracts through interaction with others.

Create your Master-Mind and the unimaginable will soon follow. Remember that perfect harmonious interaction is the key, and if at anytime this feeling is destoryed you will in turn destroy the coordinated effort of a group of individual minds. It is this lack of harmony which will be the cause of failure.

As you have learned the people that make up the Master-Mind don't necessarily have to have degrees from prestigious universities, tops in their class, it is the way in which the minds interact with one another that will be the most important.

Chinese philosopher Confucious said "Those who flow in the harmony of the oneness of humanity are like the North Star around which all the other stars orbit in peace and harmony."

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