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Forming the Master-Mind - Lesson 2

Forming the Master-Mind

This week we have been discussing the Master-Mind and it’s meanings. Today’s lesson could be the most important. We will focus on how to formulate your own Master-Mind plan and in the process discuss certain groups or individuals who have already done so and achieved great success.

As we begin let’s remember some of the truths that we have learned regarding the Master-Mind.

We started out discussing ways in which science could help bridge the gap between our minds and the minds of everyone else’s, including their thoughts, ideas, and knowledge that is alive in the ether all around us.

Although science hasn’t yet developed this technology, nature has. Our sixth sense has been able to achieve this phenomenon and we have seen multiple examples. For example, we covered famous businessmen and religious revitalization through the use of the Master-Mind.

The Master-Mind can be formed and utilized in two different ways. The first way the Master-Mind can be established is through personal connection with like-minded, harmonious minds. By the meeting of the minds, a third, and more powerful mind is developed through the thoughts and ideas shared by the individuals in the group. We stated that Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford were able to do this.

The other way would be through meditation, prayer, or other spiritual acts. We learned that this is what takes place at churches, synagogues, mosques, and other religious events such as revivals. Through the combined focus of all the members present a Master-Mind is formed which produces positive energy and great understanding that previously wasn’t there.
In both instances the Master-Mind can be formed, but also can disintegrate with inactivity.

So now that we have determined how the Master-Mind is formed, one must decide which route they want to venture. This will depend on your desires. Remember, you must have a clear definite chief aim in order to accomplish the success you are seeking. Without a clear objective your thoughts become unorganized and essentially ineffective.

Let’s look back in history and see how famous, or not so famous people have been able to tap into this energy and knowledge floating around in the ether. Furthermore, let’s focus on what “scientific” developments they used to access this power.

The first civilizations began 5,000 years ago in Mesopotamia, present-day Iraq, and its people were known as the Sumerians. They were polytheistic, and believed that their spiritual leader could speak to the Gods. Think of the movie "Year One" for a visual. In an effort to make contact with these supernatural beings the Sumerians developed temples known as Ziggurats. The high priest would enter the Ziggurat and claim that he could speak to Gods. Could he actually have been contacting these thoughts and ideas through the ether, believing he was speaking to the Gods?

Let’s look at another example. The Chinese are one of the oldest civilizations in the world. For thousands of years their emperor believed he could communicate with the Gods much like the high priests of Mesopotamia. Every year he would go to the Temple of Heaven and discover what the Gods wanted him and his people to do. He would then go back to the people of his kingdom and explain to them what the Gods expected.
We can also look at the Greeks. The Oracle of Delphi is a famous place where priestly people claimed to see the future. New evidence suggests that methane gas seeps through the ground at this particular location. It's highly likely these priests were high when they saw their visions. So now it brings the question, do drugs enhance the ability to contact the ether? Just ask your closest friends with the munchies.

We can go one step further in this scenario. Many, if not all, Native American tribes believed they could speak with their Gods, and even their dead ancestors. It is no secret that many of these tribes believed that past chiefs would speak to them from the grave. They might warn them of impeding doom, such as was the case with the Aztecs who knew that pale-skinned men with large boats and armor would arrive from the east and conquer them.
So the question becomes how were these peoples able to communicate with the supernatural world? In the case of the Sumerians they believed their temples allowed them to become closer to the Gods, not only spiritually but also literally. They were the tallest structures of the ancient world at that time. The Chinese believed their temple had a sort of portal, which allowed the emperor to communicate. And lastly, the Native Americans believed that the feathers on their headdresses allowed them to receive signals, basically acting like a transmitter.

Whether any of these things are true, it is undeniable that they believed they were communicating with something, either the Gods, spirits, or possibly the ether.

We can also look at specific individuals and see how they were able to contact this information. We can look at many instances from the Bible. Let’s take for example Abraham. He believed that God asked him to kill his son as a sacrifice. Could it be that this information was given to him through the ether?

Our next example is Moses. Everyone knows of the burning bush, the 10 Commandments, and so on. Again, possibly information passed to him through his ability to channel his sixth sense?

Prophents such Jeremiah, Isaiah, John the Baptist, and so on all claimed to have visions.

Of course we can also use Jesus, Mary, and Joseph as examples. There is no need to go into great detail as you can now draw your own conclusions based on the evidence.

It is very possible that the ether is controlled by human thoughts, but there is no doubt that God would also be using this ether to convey messages to his people; as demonstrated by the Sumerians, Chinese, Native Americans, and countless people from the Bible.
This is not a phenomenon confined to the beliefs of Christians. Other major religions such as the Jews, Muslims, Hindu, Buddhists, and many others belief in the ability to communicate with the supernatural. The teachings of Buddhism for example profess the importance of meditation. Again, during this time of peace and calm the mind is clear and receptive to many ideas. Possibly even the ideas in the ether.

We have now proven the existence of the ether, but we still must determine how we are going to use it to our benefit. You must do the following: create a definite chief aim, in other words a clear goal you want to accomplish.  You then must find minds that share harmony with yours, it would be beneficial if they shared your goals and wanted to help you accomplish them. The more minds you can get focused on the same objective the better. Remember, two minds are better than one. So naturally ten is better than two.

Once you have formed your Master-Mind group begin brainstorming. The brain is doing the thinking, while the storm is being created. This “storm” is the Master-Mind becoming a reality. From this “storm” will be great energy and power, much like thunder and lightning. It will be essential for you to harness this new found power and put your plan into action.

To keep the Master-Mind you have developed nurtured and continually growing you must meet every so often, once or twice a week should be sufficient. You should also take time out of your day to think on your own. It is during this time that the Master-Mind will really begin to show it’s true essence. You will be able to access the ether and the minds of those you have joined and let your imagination flow. Often time’s people that create great inventions do it in solitary thought, meditation, or prayer. It is during this time that your brain is most active and receptive to new ideas.
You will know when your Master-Mind has formed as there will be a "click" or as some would say, a lightbulb has gone off. That lightbulb is the Master-Mind coming to fruitiion. For some this will be easy, others will take this information and ignore it. The few that follow through will be the few that are successful.

If you truly want to reach your potential you must take this lesson and use it as a guide. Good luck on your journey, and remember, the answers are all around you.

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