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Mastering the Master-Mind - Lesson 3

Mastering the Master-Mind

This weeks lesson have focused on the importance of the Master-Mind. We've discussed what the Master-Mind is, how science could help develop it, and lastly how to apply it in today's world.

Today's lesson will cover the all important message of how to Master the Master-Mind. In other words, to see how people past and present have utilized the Master-Mind to their advantage. Some people have done this knowningly and achieved great success, while others have stumbled upon it's power by chance. Either way, those that can harness this phenomenon have the potential to reach untold greatness.

To substantiate the claim that the Master-Mind is in use we will delve into different groups or people that have used this idea to their advantage. Some of these are people you have heard of, while others you may not. It is important to understand what they were able to accomplish and immitate their actions if you plan to achieve their levels of success, whether it be in money, power, fame, or any other endeavor you seek.

Our first, and most notable of the men that has used the Master-Mind to perfection is Andrew Carnegie. The same Carnegie that developed a massive fortune through the most successful steel industry the world had ever seen during his life-time. Amazingly, Carnegie knew very little of the process of creating steel, yet he was still able to make a fortune off of it. This is great news for anyone that believes they can't do something because they don't know anything about it. Let Carnegie be your inspiration. So how did he and others attain such great accomplishments economically? Through the use of the Master-Mind. He wisely surrounded himself with people that knew more than he did. Through this organization they were able to share ideas and formulate a plan to achieve their goals.

Another, and slightly more recognizable man who used the Master-Mind theory to his advantage was Henry Ford, creator of the Ford Motor Company. Despite little to no formal schooling, he was very educated. He was able to use his mind to know to surround himself with men much smarter than he. It was through the formation of the his personal Master-Mind that he was able to accomplish such great feats and make him one of the most powerful men in the world.

We can see the Master-Mind in other areas as well, specifically in group settings. It important to remember as we look at our next groups that the Master-Mind only forms if all those involved share the same objective and are receptive to the ideas being shared. The Master-Mind can achieve great things if used correctly, but it can also achieve great destruction.

We can use the settings of a church, synagogue, or mosque. Undoubtedly the overwhelming amount of people participating in these services are tuned into what is taking place. In other words, all of their minds are coming together at once and focused on a common objective. In this case, praise. As various religious groups worship they are creating a Master-Mind, hoping to achieve their goal of adornment and praise to God.

This sort of religious Master-Mind is evident in what is known as a "Revival." Through preaching, music, and demonstrations people are changed from within. Their is a positive energy which leads to knew beliefs or feelings that previously weren't present. This euphoria is created by the Master-Mind that has been formed. It is during this time that people claim to be saved, feel a positive energy flowing through them, or any other sorts of unexplainable phenomenon. These revivalists call this "the Spirit of the Lord." It could very well be that what they are experiencing is the coming together of multiple minds.

We have all seen movies or heard stories of the dancing preacher running across the stage yelling "Prase the Lord!" "Demon be gone!" and slapping people in the forehead as the fall to the ground. Could it be possible that people faint or have a different feeling from the overwhelming power of the Master-Mind that has been created by the influx of so many minds focused on one common goal? It's not to say that it isn't a positive experience for all those involved. Many times, especially during the Great Awakening of the 19th century, these revivals would go from town to town across America. These revivals may last a few days, and then leave. At which point the euphoria begins to wear off and the Master-Mind disintegrates.

It is for this reason that men and women go back to their daily routine and forget what they experienced. Which often times leads to people wanting to relive that feeling and have another revival.

This form of Master-Mind is a very positive example of what can be accomplished if minds come together.

You may also see other examples of a Master-Mind in use in your own life. As you meet with your friends for lunch you are harnessing the power of the Master-Mind whether you realize it or not. It could be entirely possible that the mind knows what it wants which leads to people wanting to associate with others. The mind needs to be fed new ideas, and this can only be accomplished through interaction of some kind. This temporary meeting leads to the Master-Mind developing and expanding your own thoughts.

Furthermore, people associate with like-minded individuals. We have all heard this before. Those like-minded individuals are the ones who our minds have a harmonious connection with. These people may not have harmonious ideas, but the minds do connect. Look for example of this in your own life. People tend to associate with those that are like them. These groups are often known as "clicks."

These clicks are formed by the harmonious meetings of the minds. Look at your friends, family, co-workers and determine for yourself if this is true. For those that are far removed from school, think back to your younger days. Who did you associate with, the jocks, the preps, the nerds, the druggies? We all had our own little group. During this time you were beginning the formation of a Master-Mind and you may or may not have realized it. This is why people of the same groups often think alike. Your minds feed off of each others beliefs, whether they are stated or not.

It is very obvious to all those involved if someone belongs in the group or not. You may think they are different than the rest of the group and you have this feeling because of the clashing of the minds involved.
To dispute this would be to dispute the laws of nature. To go one step further in proving the power and existence of the Master-Mind think for a moment on the following thoughts. During school or work are there people you just can't seem to get along with while others you connect with very easily? We have all experienced this. That feeling is the harmony of our minds coming together.

We must now take what we have learned and use that harmonious attitude and form a Master-Mind. Remember, the more people you can get to join in this group the more successful you will be.

Think about this as well. Have you ever met a successful person that was a loner? The kid in the corner, the weird co-worker. It's highly unlikely. These people may be very smart individually, but without the formation of a Master-Mind often times this person cannot reach their full potential. This is the person that snaps and goes off on people.

Take the information you have learned in this series and use it to your advantage. When you have achieved your success in life you will know why. It won't be your education, your background, your personality, your looks. It will be your associations.

One final thought on today's lesson. It may or may not have become apparent to you through these writings that two very important ideas must be present for a Master-Mind to truly work. It can't be formed with a group of unharmonious minds, and furthermore, it must have a clearly defined goal. Whether it is in religion, money, power, or any other desire.

Without a definitive chief aim your thoughts will become mindless rambles that lead to nothing of value.
Due to the fact that these lessons have received so much positive reviews I will be including an encore presentation. The last and final installment will cover the topic of creating a desired goal and forming the Master-Mind group to help you accomplish it.

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