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June 15 - Day 8 - Martigny, Switzerland

June 15 - Day 8 - Martigny, Switzerland

We walked the mile about as fast as we could. We made it back at 6 PM, with 10 minutes to spare. We had wanted to go to Martigny, a good stopping point for the night since we wanted to go to Mont Blanc the next day. However, the train we planned on taking didn’t stop there. As a result we had to take a train headed towards Milan, Italy and change trains in another city. Our Swiss Pass was getting a lot of use today. I highly recommend getting on if traveling for an extended period of time in Switzerland.

We ended up changing trains in a small town called Sion. From there we continued on to another small town, but I don’t remember the name. This train was going to take us to Martigny. It was getting dark, we had no place to stay, and didn’t know what to do. I remember along the way seeing a campground out the train window, but the train didn’t stop in the area and we had no way to get there. Everybody we asked seemed to think that you couldn’t get from Martigny to Mont Blanc, even though I had read that is the route to take. We began thinking that it may be best to just go back to Geneva and try again tomorrow, at least Geneva had hotels we could stay at, even though they would be very expensive.

We decided we would go to Martigny and just take our chances. Just like every other time on our trip that things seemed hopeless somehow it worked out perfectly. We arrived at 9:30 PM and walked about 1 ½ miles to a campground, Les Neuvilles Martigny. Like all the other campgrounds it was pretty nice and very clean. We got our tent set up and it started to rain, perfect timing.

We had spent most of the day traveling by train, but it wasn’t completely bad. We got to see a lot of the country side, Freiburg and Geneva. It also gave my legs a chance to rest. The plan for the morning was to figure out how to get to Mont Blanc.

"Nexte Halte, Mont Blanc..."

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