Thursday, May 10, 2012

Digital Media Marketing Business Proposal

Digital Media Marketing Business Proposal

After my return from New Zealand and Australia I am considering a new business idea. Read below for the details and see if you are interested in my services. The prices will be negotiable and very reasonable. Please share your thoughts.


Create multi-media presentations for businesses/individuals to promote their company, product, or talents to be displayed on their website or distributed on a dvd/cd. Videos could be put in various formats, including: slide show, video, voice-over, captions.


Showcase the business, what they offer, and the advantages of doing business with them.


Contact local businesses/individuals that want to expand and promote their business in a more professional manner on their website.


Gives the company a more professional and personal look to it’s potential clients and customers.

Potential Clients:

Businesses with a website.
Athletes looking to be recruitd.
Cities looking to promote life in their town.
Tourism Industry.
Wedding Planners
Wedding Photographers
Personal Blogs
Non-profit Organizations
Sports Teams - all levels
Community Centers
Salons - hair, nails, tanning
Businesses looking to hire new employees.
Businesses looking to expand to a new region.
Businesses looking to promote their product to a larger audience.
Real Estate Industry.


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