Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wherever You Go, There You Are

I just spent the last hour reading a book titled "Wherever You Go, There You Are."

It discusses meditation and gives insight into the true meaning and purpose of it, while also explaining the proper way to meditate in a step by step process. On a deeper level though it emphasizes the importance of being present in each moment, no matter how big or small. It made me start thinking about certain people in my life and the way they live. 

Ever since I took a break from working it has obviously given me more free time, but it has also given me a new perspective on what matters in life. Like a lot of people I thought I wanted to make lots of money so I could afford to buy nice things and do what I wanted. That's not a bad thing, but is that really that important in the picture scheme of things? 

A lot of people don't like their job, but for the majority of their week they let it control them. I was one of those people. I finally decided I needed a change and walked away. Most people can't do that because of bills, family, and other obligations. But the solution to that would be to stop buying things. Do you really need all that stuff? Is it making life easier for you or harder? If you can't afford it, most likely it's making life more difficult. 

For many people it comes to a point that when they have a spare minute they feel rushed, and obligated to do as much as they can. As a result they aren't stopping, relaxing, thinking. It's always go, go, go. When one activity is done it's off to the next. Memories are made, but little contemplation follows, and everything is pushed aside as work, bills, and other obligations take over again.
 Sometimes you might think you have to cram in as much as possible to fully live life, never stopping to think that is what you are doing really living. It would be a shame to look back in 40 years and say, "what did I do with my life?" And not have an answer. 

Maybe the choices you are making are what you desire, maybe they aren't. Only you can decide. In all of the rushing around sometimes you have to just stop, relax, and spend time with yourself. You may think you don't have time to stop, or can't, but who says?

Only you can make that choice. Some of the best moments in life are the ones where you are doing nothing. Sometimes doing less is doing more. Every once and a while a step back is needed to see the whole picture. Next time a friend calls and asks if you want to do something, stop and ask yourself if you have time for that or if you would be better served spending that time alone to reconnect with yourself.

At the end of the day you have to live with yourself. You have to live with the decisions you make. Make sure those decisions are the right ones, the ones you are proud of, that make your life more fulfilling, more enjoyable, more rewarding, whatever it is. 

Are you willing to put off something today to have something bigger in the future? Maybe that's something you want to think about doing. Will one night out just like the last one be more memorable than living a dream you've had for awhile, but didn't think you had time or money to accomplish it? 

If you put aside the little things it can quickly add up to a big thing. Only you can decide what that big thing is. And the only way you can do that is to stop, relax, think, and focus on what will make your life more fulfilling. 

It won't just happen on it's own. Ideas don't appear out of nowhere. You have to cultivate them over time. Regardless of your current situation never lose hope. You never know what tomorrow brings. 

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