Sunday, January 13, 2013

Meditation and Self Healing

Your body is created by two microscopic organisms coming together and developing in your mother’s womb for 9 months. Every tiny cell during this process knows what it is intended to do and create – your arms, legs, eyes, brain, and every other part of your body. If your body knows how to develop itself perfectly at this time, then wouldn’t it, and shouldn’t it, be able to do this later in life, after leaving the womb?

In other words, when you get sick shouldn’t your body be able to heal itself naturally? Your cells knew perfection and their function before, so there must be remnants of this knowledge somewhere in your body. It is said that the average human uses 10% of their brain power. A large portion of the brain is doing things that keep us alive, performing its natural duties such as sending signals to different organs, notifying us of our instinctive behaviors such as “fight or flight” and so on.  

But somewhere in the 90% of untapped brain power we must know how to naturally heal. More importantly, we must be able to do a lot more than we currently are. For example, if you were to have damaged cells and developed a form of cancer it must be possible to tap into a portion of the brain to notify it that it needs to regenerate healthy cells and all of this should be done without medication.

If you were to lose a limb, develop diabetes, high blood pressure, and so on. Shouldn’t these be able to be healed with the use of the brain or some other bodily function as well? Again, the body knew the proper formula to create you properly the first time, so shouldn’t it be able to do this again?

What is keeping our brains and bodies from doing this? What did we know in the womb that we have lost sight as we age? Somewhere in that 90% of unused brain power is the answer. Of course proper living habits are a key factor in determining our health, but why is it that some people get sick while others live long lives even if they were to live relatively identical lives? Could it be something in our brains? Something that one person has tapped into while the other hasn’t?

Maybe mapping the Human Genome will provide these answers, maybe not. Could it be as simple as the fact that we haven’t thought about this potential power of our brain that we have lost touch with it? Is there some way to reconnect with that knowledge?

Meditation, positive thinking, the law of attraction, yoga, and many other easy to do tasks could be the solution. Scientific studies have shown the benefits of a daily meditation regimen. In a deep state of relaxation that can be accomplished through meditation many bodily functions begin to change. The heart rate and breathing slows, blood pressure drops, brain activity lessens, and the mind becomes still.

Is it possible that in a trance like state induced through meditation we can actually tap into this unseen and seldom used knowledge deep within the brain? Could we possess the power to heal all illnesses without the use of medicines and modern science? If such miracles have been proven successful on just one person in the past, why can’t they be successful for all people and all instances?

The cells in the body knew what to create the first time, why can’t it do it again? The answer to this question may never be known, but it is worth asking and attempting to understand. Harnessing this power might lead to unforeseen abilities that could never be imagined before – telepathy, immortality, and on and on. We all know the mind is a powerful thing, but how powerful? And more importantly, how do we access it? 

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