Monday, January 21, 2013

Law of Attraction or Coincidence?

For people that deny the existence of the law of attraction and the power of thought I have a few good examples that have just happened one after another. I'm listening to satellite radio and a song comes on while I'm over cooking boiled eggs and watching them explode.

From the kitchen I can only hear the tune, no words. I start singing along in my head. When I look at the tv it's not the song I thought. It was Summer of 69, I thought it was Should I Stay Or Should I Go, which is ironic because it fits into a related issue I'm dealing with. It's also a song I haven't heard in a long time so to randomly think that was weird in itself.

Anyway, I go back to getting the eggs off the stove. I look back at the tv again, the next song on? Yep, Should I Stay Or Should I Go. Coincidence or Law of attraction? You decide. Then I start day dreaming about something and thinking how I would wait for the girl I wanted.

Next song to come on? Yep, I Will Wait, by Mumford and Sons. Now that's weird. So I start thinking should I stay or go, should I wait, and would I try one last time.

So want to guess the next song? Uh huh, Try, by Pink. I think those experiences speak for themselves. Remember the power of your thoughts. Only think what you want, never doubt, never waiver. One misstep and it could all fall apart in an instant. Again, I know from experience.

This kind of thing happens to me regularly. I'm just glad I know why now and how to harness this undeniable power.

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