Thursday, December 27, 2012

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

Imagine the following scenario. There is a field of energy all around you. Within that field there is a force that you can't see, but deep within your inner self you can feel it. If conditions are right you can even tap into it. This unseen force holds the key to your intention, your purpose in this life. Some people may never realize this exists, others may only have glimpses of it, but there are others still that have the ability to harness this power anytime they choose.

The amazing thing is that it is always there, always waiting for us to access it. The best part is that it's easy to do, if you know how. The thoughts you have can draw you closer or push you further away. You decide by how you choose to view life and the circumstances around you.

We all have a purpose. Everything ever created was done so with intention. You are no different. Whether you believe it or realize it, you were intentionally created. It is your responsibility to determine that reason and pursue it with passion.

Once you acknowledge this intention it can provide you with everything you desire. It is there for the taking. The question is how do you utilize this energy and how do you access it? You know what it is that you want out of life, but how do you make it happen? Whether it is love, fame, fortune, health, etc. But how do you ensure this becomes reality and not just dreams?

You believe in yourself and express your desires to your friends, family, co-workers, God, but somehow you still find yourself lacking fulfillment. You may achieve one, two, or even all of those things, but still you don't feel satisfied. Once you achieve something you want more. So why is it sometimes you are successful when other times you are not?

It is important to remember the following: "Your thoughts must be in harmony with your intention."

You have this voice in your head, your ego. It is always having a constant battle. You tell yourself you want something, then something goes wrong. Immediately that voice in your head says it happens for a reason, it wasn't meant to be, you're not worthy. Whatever the case may be, you have convinced yourself that you don't deserve the thing you desire. Next time you see something you want you are reminded that last time you got your hopes up you failed. Again your dreams fall through. This recurring cycle is never ending. Some people give up completely, others make excuses but keep trying, and then there are those that always seem to get all the breaks. Nothing ever goes wrong for them.

You are just as smart, just as deserving, just as hardworking, so why do they succeed while you fail? Do they know something that you don't? In a word, yes. They simply know something that you don't. Next time things go well for you remember what you did. Next time things don't go well for you remember what you did. Notice if there is a difference.

At some point during the process there was a voice in your head talking to you. It was telling you how great you are. Then there were those times when it was holding you back. Yesterday you were the most qualified, but now you are worthless. What changed?

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you succeed at seemingly impossible tasks while other times failing at the easiest endeavors? What made you succeed? What made you fail? Furthermore, what was going on in your head? That little voice, your ego. What was it saying to you? Was it giving you advice or giving you doubts?

If you really think about it the answer is simple. The times you succeeded and the times you failed had one difference. One major difference to be exact. Harmony. Harmony in your thoughts, your words, and your intention.

Your inner voice told you it was possible and you believed. There was never any second guessing, questioning, doubts. It wasn't that you tried hard or were more deserving. It was you. It was always you. You just had to believe in yourself.

There is no secret ingredient. All it took was for you to set a goal, believe it possible, and allow your thoughts to be in harmony with your intention.

So why do you succeed? Your thoughts were in perfect alignment with your desires. There is no outside force keeping you from achieving your goals. Intention only knows infinite possibilities, abundance. There is no limit to what you can achieve. There is only a limit to what you believe.

The day that you are able to mold these two together, your thoughts and your intentions, will be the day that you no longer wonder what might have been. You will have everything your heart desires.

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