Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Reaching Enlightenment

In case you are interested to know what it feels like to attain enlightenment this is my experience.

Whenever I close my eyes I see a tunnel of bright white light emanating from my forehead between my eyes. At the end of the light I see a young beautiful woman in a white robe walking towards me surrounded by a yellowish halo. I have a strange feeling of floating.

The upper part of my body from my chest up is really heavy, but extremely light at the same time. It’s as if my body is asleep, but my mind is wide awake. I almost have to tell myself to move.

I have a feeling of multiple thoughts coming into my mind from everywhere. I am aware of everything. I can take the thoughts of others and apply them to my own life to find meaning.

It’s as if I’m psychic. I can think something and then it happens. Where others see, but don’t understand, I am able to see and know. It is a sense of power and invincibility.    

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