Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 4 - Packing for New Zealand/Australia

June 4 - Packing for New Zealand/Australia

For the past few weeks I had all my close laid out ready to pack. I planned to chronicle the majority of the trip through photos and videos. In order to make it more interesting I also planned to do a time lapse of some of the more interesting things we see. Everyone likes watching time lapses of people doing things. Therefore, I am starting my adventure with a time lapse video of me packing all of my junk I am taking.

We are going to be gone for 53 days so a lot is required. Of course clothes, shoes, toiletries, but also my camping gear and snack food for breakfast and hikes. I need a sleeping bag, a pad, a pillow, and a tent. Andy will be carrying the tent since it won’t fit in my bag. I recently purchased  a new sleeping pad since mine was too bulky and uncomfortable. I splurged and got the Neo Air. It’s a little difficult to inflate, but worth the investment. I’ve slept on it a few times already and I like it.

During my packing I also realized my sleeping bag is way too big. It takes up half of my suitcase. I will need to get a new one before we leave I think.

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